Feed acids

> Feed acids

Many factors affect the development of the performance potential in the barn. Stress plays a central role in the disturbance of the intestinal environment. This makes it all the more important to support the intestinal health and functions of the intestines with the feed in order to exploit the performance of the animals. The microbiota in the intestines and the functions of the intestinal barrier are in a sensitive interaction - the system works and can often prevent infections and diseases.  With a view to reducing the use of antibiotics, intelligent and innovative feed solutions are needed with which the intestinal health can be sustainably maintained. 

Feed acids are synergistic mixtures of strong organic acid and salts of this acid. The aim of the use of feed acids is:

  • Optimum balance of intestinal bacteria

  • Wide range to kill pathogenic bacteria 

  • To promote commensal bacteria

  • Reduction of infection pressure for piglets during lactation via control of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria.

  • Stabilizes sow intestinal health during stress period around piglets

  • Preservation of the fodder during periods with high outside temperature and thus to promote a good fodder intake.

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