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A diversified industry with big challenges

Since time immemorial, the raw material milk has been processed. For a few decades, a new dimension has been added. But in turn: A simple way to separate ingredients in the milk is as follows: take non-homogenized milk and wait a few hours: The lighter cream rises and can be skimmed off. This is a simple (and admittedly not very efficient) process for making skim milk or cream.

Fermented milk products such as yoghurt, kefir or sour cream also exist for a long time. In various local variants, they are a cultural asset in many countries. In addition, there are various cheeses such as fresh, semi-hard, hard or cottage cheese, which are almost indispensable in the counters of the local retail trade. Not to mention the butter.

The milk is decomposed. But the end is not yet reached: With today's equipment, the milk can be broken down into its components.


This has resulted in a portfolio of new products:

  • Whey protein concentrates

  • caseinates

  • lactoferrin

  • lactose

  • Lactose-free milk powder

  • And further fragmentation down to individual milk protein fractions


Here you will find a wide range of special dairy products for the ice cream industry, for soups and sauces or for the sports nutrition sector. Ask us now for your application!

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