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The first objective of using enzymes in animal feed is to improve the release of nutrients. The best known example is the use of phytases. In Switzerland, these enzymes have been used successfully for more than 20 years to improve the utilisation of plant-bound phosphorus, not least for the benefit of the environment. Today, so-called 3-phytases or 6-phytases, which are produced with fungi, are used. New products must be more effective in releasing plant-bound phosphorus.

A new generation of feed enzymes from the group of NSP enzymes is now entering the market. These enzymes break down polysaccharides (polysaccharides) which do not belong to the starch fraction (NSP = non-starch polysaccharides). New scientific studies by the American-Danish company Dupont - Danisco Animal Nutrition show that the enzymatic comminution of the rice food provides an ideal breeding ground for the desired intestinal inhabitants. Thus, the use of NSP enzymes promotes intestinal health as a basis for healthy growth of the animals.

Feed enzymes can also make a valuable contribution to a comprehensive animal health strategy.

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