Nutrition is our passion - and has been for more than 25 years. Passion is the key to success. It drives us to constantly develop new solutions for the feed and food industry. Our employees are at work for you every day with great passion.

Stagnation is regression! Standstill leads to inertia. Innovation is therefore not just a fashionable term for us, but an integral part of our daily thinking. Innovation is part of our philosophy and is therefore also included in our company name. We promote the motivation of our employees because they are allowed to be creative and are constantly confronted with new things. Our customers benefit from new product ideas and concepts for production optimization, better human and animal health, more economical implementation of the feed used, or from new, trendy marketing ideas for food.

The WorldWideWeb brings the world closer together. Information circles the globe in seconds. You only "see" yourself on the phone, in chat forums or by email. The important, personal contact is completely lost and with it the feeling for the essential - the human being and the animal. Contact, face to face, is a central element of our customer relationship. This is the only way we can identify problems and provide appropriate solutions. We are only satisfied when you are successful as a customer in your business field. 




Thomas Rüegge
CEO & Founder
Since 1992 with Trinova
Christoph Allenbach 
Head of finance & administration
 Buisness Administrations FH
Since 2018 with Trinova
Nadine Züger
Graphics & Design / Purchasing & Sales Coordination
Since 2012 with Trinova
Herta Schuler
Assistant Finance & Allrounder
Since 2009 with Trinova
Etienne Bendel
Divisional Manager & Member of the Executive Board
Since 2002 with Trinova
Marcel Hess
Product Manager Feed
Since 2011 with Trinova
Tatjana Muff
Purchasing & Sales Coordination
Since 2020 with Trinova
Christian Ulrich
Divisional Manager & Member of the Executive Board
MBA Master of Business Administration
Since 2008 with Trinova
Cédric Müller
Technical Manager
BSc ZFH in food technology
Since 2018 with Trinova
Michelle Amrein
Purchasing & Sales Coordination
Since 2018 with Trinova



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Firmenausflug 2017
Firmenausflug 2017
Firmenausflug 2017
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Bürogebäude TRINOVA



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