Stable & feed hygiene

> Stable & feed hygiene

The liquid feeding is practical and has a very favourable cost-benefit ratio. Good farm and feeding hygiene is a prerequisite for exploiting the full potential. In practice, this is often underestimated. Dry matter losses, foam or gas formation in storage containers, bloated animals, diarrhoea and poor weight gain are just some of the possible indications of hygiene problems. It is definitely worth getting to the bottom of the problems. For example, if a fattener keeps his farm and the feeding system clean and the by-products supplied, such as bulkheads or wheat starch, are contaminated with microorganisms, the calculation does not work. Also in the reverse sense - flawless animal feed loses value due to poor farm hygiene.

In the field of stable disinfection we also offer solutions of the last generation, which does without quaternary ammonium and revaccination with positive biofilm-forming bacteria.

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