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Let's talk about something nice
... over ice cream.
The ice cream industry has changed or diversified in recent years: or did you know about vegan ice cream, soft ice cream from the bag or a mountain milk ice cream 10 years ago?
Innovation is the keyword here as well. Glacés with purely natural ingredients from industrial production have set a milestone. Today we have arrived at a great variety, which is also due to the house glaze of pastry shops, Hofglacés from the f


Farm or the many gelaterias.A few basic ideas about ice cream and sorbets have remained:

  • The ice cream should be creamy and not too hard

  • It should not melt right away after shopping in the shopping bag

  • It's supposed to taste good,


This to just to name a few..

This is where Trinova comes inWith ingredients (E-Nr. Free) based on milk, both ice creams and sorbets become creamier and the airflow (overrun) higher. In addition, these ingredients strengthen the ice cream, so that it is in good shape even after shopping at home (heat shock).

And it tastes good

With over 2500 standard flavors, we also find the right aroma nuance for your ice cream. The next summer can come!


Ask us now for ingredients for your ice cream products.

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