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We at Trinova are proud to provide you with both conventional and organic yeast extracts!


Brewer's yeast extracts for maximum functionality

In order to offer you a complete taste concept, we offer you six different "extract families".  These are typical taste profiles of brewer's yeast: meaty, brothy, spicy, roasted, umami and vegetable. Our brewer's yeast extracts can be used in many different ways. The functionality of brewer's yeast extracts is demonstrated in a broad, innovative product portfolio: Extracts as natural brown colorant, extracts to improve the creaminess of "low fat" products, extracts both to maximize and to mask or harmonize product-specific taste profiles or individual taste impressions (such as pungency, bitterness, acidity, spiciness, etc.), extracts for use in salt reduction, extracts for fermentation applications as well as extracts or extract fractions for use as carriers for micro-encapsulation of temperature-sensitive components (such as flavours, colourings, etc.).

Swiss Organic yeast products

If you are looking for a suitable organic yeast extract, Trinova is your first choice. Our high-quality organic yeast products, such as yeast flakes, yeast powders or yeast extracts are thanks to special way of production unique worldwide. Trinova is the only supplier in Switzerland offering you Bio Suisse Organic yeast products.