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Try our unique extruded flaxseed flour high in omega 3!

Extruded flaxseed flour

We are the only supplier of a special flaxseed flour, which is particularly rich in essential fatty acids with 13% omega 3. The extrusion process is used to break down the fat cells and improve the bioavailability of omega 3 fatty acids. Besides that it also breaks down antinutritive substances such as prussic acid. The use of our linseed flour enables you to place health claims on your end product. Also ask us about our High Protein flaxseed flour for the perfect combination of Omega 3 and High Protein. 


Coconut products 

We have a broad portfolio of various coconut products from Indonesia. Our partner is one of the leading processors in this sector and has both environmental management standards and GFSI and Rainforest Alliance certificates. Ask us for our high quality vegan coconut milk powder!



Carob is the fruit of the carob tree. The flesh is ground into carob powder, which is similar to cocoa powder but not as bitter. In order to obtain high-quality carob, due to the often bitter taste of the ends, only the middle parts of the legumes are coarsely crushed, roasted and ground to carob flour. 

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