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Conservative? No chance!
For millennia, a large part of humanity eats meat. Accordingly, a wide range of products has evolved: from raw Tartar, over Entrecôtes to sausages of various kinds to fermented products such as salami. 

In this "ecosystem" of meat products, a number of variants of spice mixtures and marinades have been developed: At this point Trinova starts. From our partners such as Colin Ingredients is constantly coming up with ideas and trends in meat, seafood & ready meals. We are happy to send you these further: register here for the newsletter.

Trend E-no. free products
Another trend is still "clean label", which in the narrower sense with E-no. Freedom is equated. In many meat products sorbic acid or other than E-no. to be declared acids used as preservatives.

These can be replaced with the fermented glucose: E-no. free and natural. Contact us now regarding the fermented glucose.

Starter and protective cultures
In some meat products, such as raw sausages or salami, starter or protective crops are used. We will gladly send you more information about these cultures. 
Not conservative at all: the meat industry and its suppliers are constantly changing. We are happy to inform you about trends and new products or help you with your challenges. Contact us now.


We also have a wide assortment of other products that may be required for meat products such as yeast extracts, starches, oleoresins, etc.

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