Rough food preservation

> Rough food preservation

Moist preservation: The preservation of the silage is the task of the farmer (harvest and storage). The upgrading of silage is ours. Silage according to the silage rules and you need a silage conditioner, we guarantee you the revaluation of your fodder.

Conservation has the following advantages:

  • Optimization of nutritional value

  • Optimization of feed intake

  • Increased safety: Listeria and butyric acid-forming bacteria are sensitive to low pH. The faster the silage acidifies, the fewer undesirable microorganisms can develop. Microbiologically active silage additives help to inhibit undesirable microorganisms by accelerating the acidification of the silage.

  • Reduction of losses

  • Avoiding the spread of mycotoxins


A silage additive improves two aspects of feed quality in particular:

  • Reduction of ammonia content in feed (indigestible for ruminants)

  • Increase of the ODA with constant nitrogen content in the feed

Dry preservation: The novel preservative for roughage with high effect

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