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Trinova is your first choice when it comes to food supplements!

Our more than 20-year-old partner is, on the one hand, contract manufacturer for a wide range of nutritional supplements, such as Compresses, capsules or powders, and on the other hand supplier of vitamins and minerals as a single raw material and as an individual mixture (premix). One of our specialties apart from the customized mixtures is the production of effervescent tablets and direct sticks (fastmelt powder for direct ingestion without water).                                                                                                      
In all segments, we are a highly recognized supplier worldwide, capable of handling the highest demands in the highest quality but also in the smallest quantities. It is one of the largest suppliers of vitamins and minerals in Europe. We bring this leading position back to our almost two hundred highly motivated employees, all of whom have committed themselves to the mission statement, a high quality, and actively live and shape this mission statement.


In addition to this first-class technical know-how, our partner has state-of-the-art production facilities with large capacities. For this purpose, he has built a new state-of-the-art technical center with 1080 square meters, which offers us additional research opportunities. With this technical center was made a big step into the future - with an area that meets the requirements of GMP, we are now able to produce pharmaceutical products. With our large network, we can offer you many other ingredients and raw materials for supplementation in addition to vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


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